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County Commissioners are the general administrative body of county government. Their duties are specifically authorized by the state legislature and include government taxing, budgeting, appropriating, and purchasing authority. They hold title to county property and work with other county elected officials to assure they are properly funded to perform their statutory duties. All formal and official actions must be taken by majority or unanimous vote.

County commissioners must take a broad view of the needs of the county to make it a better place to live and work. They must listen to the needs of the citizens and other elected officials, compromise, and develop a consensus on priority issues.

More detailed information on the duties and powers of the Board of Commissioners are available in the Ohio Revised Code Chapters 305 and 307.

To schedule a meeting, PLEASE call the Crawford County Commissioner’s office.

(419) 562-5876

Crawford County 2024 Financial Forecast is now available for review.